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Updates from the field

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This page lists resources, reports, training events and sector updates relevant to immigrant and refugee mental health.


Webinar: Out there and in here: The power of community, connection and mental health supports, January 9, 2019, hosted by OCASI. Register here.

Training: Anti-oppression – working with refugees, January 20, 2019, hosted by United Way Winnipeg. Register here.

Workshop: Nation-building: Developing international student resilience, January 23, 2019, hosted by Building Migrant Resilience in Cities Partnership. Register here.

Workshop: Immigrant health in Canada, January 27, 2019, hosted by Toronto South Local Immigration Partnership. Register here.

Conference: Refugee and newcomer women’s emotional wellness, January 29-30, 2019, hosted by The Immigrant Education Society. Register here.

Reports and resources

Report: Race relations in Canada 2019: A survey of Canadian public opinion and experience, developed by Environics Institute. Read more here.

Article: People who wear the Hijab face unique discrimination during pregnancy, published by VICE. Read more here.

Report: International migration: Trends, determinants, and policy effects, published in Population and development review. Read more here.

Research report: Settlement experiences of recently arrived senior immigrants, developed by CERIS. Read more here.

Journal article: Why cultural safety rather than cultural competendy is required to achieve health equity, by Elena Curtis and others. Read more here.

Journal report: Depression in middle and older adulthood: The role of immigration, nutrition, and other determinants of health in the Canadian longitudinal study of aging, by Karen Davison and others. Read more here.

Information sheet: Gender-based violence and harassment: Creating safer workplaces and communities, developed by AMSSA. Read more here.

Journal article: Towards inclusive migrant healthcare, written by Dr. Denise Spitzer and others. Read more here.

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