Repository of course resources

Repository of IRMHP online course resources

This is a repository of tools and resources to support settlement, social service and health service providers in appropriately responding to the mental health needs of recent immigrants and refugees. It is designed to align specifically with the Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health online course’s seven modules. Because the course content is not available after the course offering ends, this is a hub where tools and resources can be accessed at any time.

While this is designed to complement the course content, the tools and resources are relevant for all service providers working with immigrants and refugees.

Module1Module 1: Immigration and the Social Determinants of Health

This section provides you with information on immigrants and refugees in a Canadian context. Through reports, government resources, fact sheets, and relevant books, you will gain a greater understand of immigration in Canada and the social determinants of health.

Module2Module 2: Introduction to Mental Disorders

This section provides you with information on mental illness in Canada. It contains questionnaires and assessment tools that are relevant for working with immigrant and refugee populations.

Module3Module 3: Mental Health Needs of Special Populations

This section provides resources to relevant to the unique mental health needs of six vulnerable immigrant and refugee subgroups: women, children, older adults, survivors of torture, LGBTQ (i.e., people who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) and persons living with disabilities.

Module4Module 4: Counselling and Case management

In this section, you can access networks, toolkits, and organizations with promising practices to help facilitate daily encounters with immigrants and refugees. Resources focus on providing trauma-informed care, essential communication skills and client support.

Module5Module 5: Service Use, Pathways to Care and Interpretation

This section provides resources on immigrant and refugee service use and navigating access to care. Through highlighted organizations and their promising practices, government programs, and guides for interpretation services, the section gives you practical support.

Module6Module 6: Mental Health Promotion and Partnerships

In this section you will find frameworks, coalitions, best practices, and techniques to support your work in mental health promotion and developing partnerships.

Module7Module 7: Self-care and Self-awareness

This section provides guides, frameworks, and tools to support cultural competent practices and emphasize your own self-care.