Self-care and Self-awareness

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Module 7: Self-care and Self-awareness

This section provides guides, frameworks, and tools to support cultural competent practices and emphasize your own self-care.


The opportunity agenda: Ten tips for putting intersectionality into practice

This list of tips can serve as a starting point for social justice advocates, policymakers, journalist, and researchers interested in incorporating an intersectional approach in their work.

AAISA: Building Champions of Anti-Racism and Anti-Islamophobia: A Practice Guide for Alberta’s Settlement Community

This practical manual of principles, tools, resources and case examples can help professionals, organizations, government, or communities address racism and Islamophobia at an individual, community, or systems level.

The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

This provides several downloadable resources on specific intersections such as women and poverty, race and gender, and a discussion of intersectional feminist frameworks.

NewtoBC: Community Immigrant Demographic Profiles

This provides information about the population in the communities of British Columbia, the national and provincial immigration trends, and relevant demographics.

City for All Women Initiative: Advancing Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Municipalities

This guide presents a flexible approach to equity and inclusion. It is adaptable to the diverse structures, contexts, and experiences of municipalities from across Canada.

The professional quality of life scale (ProQOL)

This validated, 30-item self-report is designed for those in the helping professions. It provides ratings for compassion satisfaction/fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma.