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The Toolkit is a repository of resources compiled to support service providers in appropriately responding to the mental health needs of recent immigrants and refugees. It is meant to be an online resource with information, ideas, tools and materials for settlement, social service and health service providers as they assist clients to develop awareness of mental health issues, encourage help-seeking and deal with stigma.

The updated toolkit will launch with resources related to immigrant mental health in winter 2018. Until then, view the toolkit specific to refugee mental health resources below.

This online toolkit will constantly evolve and we welcome your suggestions for material relevant to immigrant and refugee mental health. If you would like to make a suggestion, please email us.

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This section will provide you with general information about international and national refugee population trends, and with information that connects mental health to the refugee experience.

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Determinants of refugee mental health




This section will provide you with general information on risk and protective factors for mental health, and with detailed reports that examine specific determinants of refugee mental health, including: equity, access to services, socio-economic status, age, and gender and sexual orientation.

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Health promotion and prevention 




This section contains guidelines and toolkits to utilize when working to promote mental health with refugees.        

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Screening and assessment 




This section will provide you with the appropriate tools for screening and assessing refugee mental health, with guidelines for working interpreters, and with information on factors that are important to consider during the assessment process. 


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This section will provide you with guidelines and recommendations for providing effective treatment to refugee populations, and with information on factors that are important to consider during the treatment process.

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Policies and procedures




This section outline international, national and regional policies and procedures that are relevant to supporting refugee mental health.