Exploring masculinity: Challenges faced by refugee men in resettlement

Presenter: Vince Pietropaolo, MA
Date: Wed., Oct. 14, 2015


Refugee men, though a heterogenous and diverse group, may face specific challenges affecting their mental health in resettlement. Particular views of masculinity, for example, may contribute to stressors as men establish their lives, careers and families in Canada. Service providers may benefit from considering these various views of masculinity when working with clients.

Learning objectives
By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • describe what is meant by masculinity or manhood
  • list some examples of masculine attributes that can contribute to poor help-seeking behaviour and potential mental health problems
  • describe some masculine norms, traits or behaviours and ways their expression can contribute to mental health disorders. 

Presenter Biography

Vince Pietropaolo is the General Manager of COSTI Family and Mental Health Services. In his current position he works with ethno cultural communities in program design, development and implementation in the areas of mental health, domestic violence and problem gambling. Vince currently sits on the York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee, the CAMH Problem Gambling Advisory Committee and the Ontario Resource Group on Gambling, Ethnicity and Culture and the North York Specialized Courts Advisory Committee. 

Vince has presented on the issue of Domestic Violence, Men’s Violence and Problem Gambling at conferences in the United States and Canada. He has guest lectured at York University and Ryerson University.