Is Canada still a place of refuge? Changes to refugee health

Presenters: Dr. Meb Rashid, Medical Director of the Crossroads Clinic, Women's College Hospital and Vanessa Wright, NP-PHC, MScN, Nurse Practitioner, Crossroads Clinic, Women's College Hospital
Date: January 28, 2015


This presentation is a follow-up of the Refugee Mental Health webinar in October, 2012, presented by Dr. Meb Rashid and Vanessa Wright, reviewing the main demographic groups of refugees and the types of healthcare services available to them.

Point-form presentation:

  • a review of refugee migration to Canada
  • an overview of the changes to the IFHP
  • highlight the advocacy work done by health care workers in opposing the changes to the IFHP

Presenter biography

Dr. Rashid is the medical director of the Crossroads Clinic, a medical clinic that serves newly arrived refugees in Toronto.  He is a co-founder of the Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, an organizations founded to advocate for refugees to access health insurance.  He was on the steering committee of the CCIRH, a group that developed evidence based guidelines for the assessment of newly arrived immigrants and refugees.   He also co-founded the Christie Refugee Health Clinic, a health clinic located in a refugee shelter.  He is on the steering committee of the Canadian Refugee Health Conference.  He has brought together clinicians across Canada with an interest in refugee health through a web based project called the Canadian Refugee Health Network and through a group called the Refugee Health Network of Southern Ontario.  He is on staff at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.