Are we doing what we think we’re doing? Providing culturally competent mental health care to immigrants and refugees

Presenter: Linda Kongnetiman, BSW, MSW, PhD(c), RSW, Manager, Information and Child Youth and Family Initiatives Standards, Provincial Addiction & Mental Health, Alberta Health Services
Date: Wed., Jan. 31st, 2018, 10am MST, 12pm EST



Cultural competence is increasingly regarded as a necessary skill for health service providers and is recognized to facilitate effective and equitable treatment to patients or clients. How do we provide culturally competent services to immigrants and refugees? How do we know we’re actually practicing cultural competence?

 In this webinar, Linda Kongnetiman, Manager, Provincial Addiction & Mental Health at Alberta Health Services, discusses the needs of immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized (IRER) populations, the potential barriers they may experience when it comes to mental health and addiction treatment and services, and strategies for how health service providers can apply culturally competent care.

Presenter biography

Linda Kongnetiman, BSW, MSW, PhD(c), is currently a provincial manager for Addiction and Mental Health, Child Youth and Family Initiatives in Alberta Health Services. Linda is a subject matter expert in cultural diversity, has a solid background in research, public speaking, clinical consultation, supervision, professional practice improvement standards, structural and transformational change management and community development. Linda has a strong understanding in addressing the intersectionality of race, class, and gender to inform project development and research. She has also written extensively on cultural competency and is currently pursuing her PhD in social work.