Working with refugees in shelters

Presenter: Steve Meagher, Shelter Manager, Christie Refugee Welcome Centre
Date: January 22th, 2020


This webinar provides an overview of the current shelter and housing system for refugee claimants, information about recent trends and policy updates impacting the population, and a summary of services and programs, including those for mental health, required to successfully support refugee claimants and precarious migrants.

Presenter's biography

Steve Meagher, shelter manager, Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

Steve Meagher works as Shelter Manager for Christie Refugee Welcome Centre, an emergency shelter for refugee claimant families in Toronto. He currently serves as co-chair of the family sector table with the Toronto Shelter Network. He is also active member of the Shelter and Housing Justice Network (SHJN), and the Ontario Coalition of Service Providers for Refugee Claimants, where he chairs the Unaccompanied Minors Working Group.

Meagher headshot