Interpreter Services in Mental Health Care - A Collaborative Model

Presenter: Angela Sasso, Director, Shifting Pictures Inc.
Date: May 29, 2018, 12:00-1:00 PM EDT



Health care interpreters, or medical interpreters, work in synergy with doctors, nurses and other health service providers to ensure that communication is not hampered by language disparities. They take the stage alongside other professionals and yet, this co-operative arrangement is not always acknowledged. Interpreters are often seen as ad-hoc language aides that come as needed and leave when they are no longer required. Although many professionals respect and rely on the work of interpreters, there is not always a common understanding of the professional qualifications required of interpreters, nor about how to effectively work with interpreters in their practice. More importantly, health care providers could gain immense value from integrating interpreters as a member of their team; value that will benefit providers, patients and the system.

This webinar will:

  1. Provide practitioners with a solid foundation of the work and qualifications required of interpreters working in mental health settings
  2. Describe the Collaborative Model and its defining elements
  3. Positive practices when working with interpreters
  4. Practical tools on how to effectively work in collaboration with interpreters

Presenter biography

Angela brings close to three decades of experience as an intercultural communication expert, working since 1989 to promote access, inclusion and quality language services. A senior-level executive, educator, program manager, policy developer and expert consultant, Angela is currently fulfilling a second, three-year term as President of Critical Link International. She is the co-founder and president of Toc, the Interpreters’ Co-op; founder and director of Shifting Pictures; international expert to the ISO TC 37/SC 5 Terminology and other language content and resources; and co-chair, Health Standards Organization, Technical Committee for Communication in Health Services.

Angela is a veteran educator and curriculum developer dedicated to quality education and professional development opportunities for community and health care interpreters. In 2013, Angela founded and implemented the Interpreter’s Lab, which has become a leader in interpreter training in British Columbia. Angela also teaches at Vancouver Community College – Interpreter Programs, in addition to delivering courses for health care providers, social workers, correctional officers and professionals on how to most effectively work with language services.

Ms. Sasso has presented at conferences and forums across Canada, the US and in the UK and Europe. She, along with a colleague, designed the Interpreting in Mental Health Settings – A Team Model curriculum in 1996 and has taught the course across British Columbia, with both interpreters and mental health professionals. Maintaining abreast of innovations in the field through her international work, Angela is also currently completing a master’s degree in Intercultural and International Communications.

Sasso photo