So how do I talk about Racism in the workplace? Part 2

Presenter: Sangeeta Subramanian, Lead Consultant, The Inclusion Project
Date: December 4th, 2020
Password for webinar recording: IrmhpCamh1



Race is the single most taboo topic in most of our workplaces. People would rather discuss the polarizing topics of money, sex, or even politics, before engaging in conversation about race or racism. As a multicultural society, we take great pride in being welcoming of diverse cultures and ethnicities. Yet, there is research that shows that racism is alive and well in Canadian workplaces, institutions and communities.

Have you or anyone in your organization wondered how to start a safe and healthy conversation on Racism, Anti-Racism, Microaggressions, Unconscious Biases, and Discrimination safely and effectively? In this session, we talk about how to start this dialogue with confidence - whether you identify as a racialized person or not. Sangeeta discusses given frameworks and insights on how to begin these critical conversations that are necessary and essential to the survival of every organization in these challenging times. Please note: This is not about political correctness – this is about having the heart and courage to acknowledge and talk about Racism.

Presenter's biography

Sangeeta Subramanian

Sangeeta has over 20 years of professional experience in in the not-for-profit sector in Canada and Asia in the areas of strategic planning, equity and inclusion, facilitation, research and policy, partnership development, stakeholder engagement, mentoring, leadership development and civic engagement. My experiences of working in different countries and sectors, and my lived experience as an immigrant woman have helped me develop the skills to operate in a variety of cultural settings and communicate effectively and engage meaningfully with different constituencies.

Sangeeta is currently the Lead Consultant with The Inclusion Project, a collaborative network working on issues of gender, race and reconciliation, and youth engagement. She is also the founder of Chetna Consulting, a boutique firm the focuses on systems approach to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the public and private sector. Prior to this, she has held senior leadership roles with the Immigrant Employment Council of BC, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, The Maytree Foundation, South Asian Women’s Centre and Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants,

Sangeeta completed her post-graduate studies in Management from the Indian Institute of Management and a program in Non-Profit Management and Leadership from Schulich School of Business York University. She also is a certified trainer on Inter-Cultural Communication, and has extensive training and experience in facilitation.

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