An introduction to trauma informed practice

Presenter: Jenn Corbiell, Family Counsellor, Alberta Health Services
Date: July 23rd, 2019



What is trauma informed practice?

The webinar answers this question by providing a brief overview of current literature and practical applications for front line staff.

This webinar offers a greater understanding of the definition of trauma, the common reactions to trauma that service providers are likely to encounter and the phases of trauma treatment. The key principles of trauma informed practice are introduced, and practical strategies to both engage and support client with trauma are discussed.


Jenn Corbiell, Family Counsellor

Jenn has a Masters of Clinical Social Work and works both for Alberta Health Services in an outpatient addition and mental health setting and in Private Practice. Her practice interests include the treatment of trauma, addiction, and life transitions. Her special interest in the treatment of trauma and PTSD has led to the completion of training in Havening, Somatic Processing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Advanced applications of EMDR. Outside of her clinical practice, Jenn has developed brief training modules on trauma informed practice and currently co-facilitates advanced EMDR workshops for emerging professionals. She is passionate about helping her clients uncover their strengths and lead increasingly meaningful lives.

Jenn Corbiell