Social media and the newcomer family

Presenter: Andrew Lam, Program Coordinator, Family Wellness and Community Enhancement Program, Catholic Social Services
Date: March 15th, 2021

Webinar recording password: IrmhpCamh2021



Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) like social media and internet use are standard and integrated parts of most people’s everyday life. ICTs are used to connect with friends and family, develop skills and learn, or as an integral business tool. Yet, there are growing associated concerns like increased risk for mental health issues, negative experiences, or misinformation. The newcomer experience is unique and can have a complicated relationship with ICTs that requires a degree of nuance. This presentation aims to provide a brief overview of how ICTs benefit newcomer populations and their pitfalls to provide context to your service.


Andrew Lam

Andrew has worked and been a part of the immigration sector for the past eight years. In his time with Catholic Social Services – Immigration and Settlement Service, Andrew has conducted program evaluation, designed and help implement service delivery, and facilitated workshops and orientations to newcomers. He is also an active researcher in the areas of social media, immigration, equity, and backlash. As an immigrant himself, Andrew is passionate about the issues that impact newcomers and refugees’ ability to integrate into Canada.

Andrew Lam