Making the shift: an overview of a wholistic approach

Presenter: Negar Sadeghi, MA, Therapist, Trainer and Multicultural Specialist with the Problem Gambling Service, CAMH
Date: Wed, Mar. 4, 2015, 12pm - 1pm EST



The presentation will discuss the following topics:

  • an overview of how to apply a wholistic approach to mental wellness
  • ways to shift the way a client sees him/herself in the healing process
  • helping clinicians to empower clients to create balance in their lives
  • helping clinicians to see themselves as healers in facilitating clients’ healing
  • following from Clare Pain’s webinar, making the ‘healer’ aware of his/her own beliefs and values as well
  • share a case example of the use of wholistic therapy with a refugee client

Learning objectives

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • describe some differences between a medical/conventional approach to treatment versus a wholistic approach to mental wellness
  • list some possible strategies a healer and can use in empowering refugee clients in a wholistic process
  • relate examples of how a clinician’s own beliefs can affect the wholistic healing process with a refugee client.


Negar Sadegi, MA, is a therapist/trainer and a multicultural specialist with the Problem Gambling Service the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH). She has considerable experience in working with people including families affected by problem gambling. Negar has conducted numerous trainings in the province on the cultural competence care model of treatment and outreach. In addition, she has taken a lead in writing a guide "A Guide for Counsellors Working with Problem Gambling Clients from Ethno-cultural Communities" which has been published and is available on the Problem Gambling website. Negar was also a co-researcher for a study on perceptions and attitudes about gambling, problem gambling and help-seeking behavior among Iranians in Toronto.

Negar Sadeghi